2017 Volume 15 Special Issue

2017 Volume 15 Special Issue

Prevalence and molecular identification of Campylobacter species isolates from poultry and humans in Sokoto, Nigeria (IO Nwankwo, OO Faleke, MD Salihu, U Musa, AA Magaji, B Audu & S Ngulukun)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Response of the Nigerian local breed of dog to graded doses of Ancylostoma caninum infection (IK Idika & CO Nwosu)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Diminazene aceturate residues in tissues of dogs treated with secnidazole-diminazene aceturate combination and with diminazene aceturate alone (IG Eke, UU Eze, TA Ezeudu, IO Ezeh, AO Anaga & PA Onyeyili)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Clinical observations and haematological changes following subchronic administration of methanolic leaf extract of Crotalaria lachnosema Stapf. (Fabaceae) in male Wistar rats (ND Baba, AO Adaudi, S Adamu & MM Suleiman)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Detection of antibodies to avian influenza, infectious bronchitis and Newcastle disease viruses in wild birds in three states of Nigeria (WI Musa, BY Abdullahi, S Lawal, M Bello & PA Abdu)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Comparative evaluation of pin-in-fiberglass cast and Kirschner-Ehmer external fixative in the management of radius-ulna fractures in dogs (AA Bada, AZ Hassan, CA Awasum, EG Emmanuel, MN Bappah, M Lawal & GE Ochube)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Prevalence, histopathological findings and aerobic bacteria flora associated with pneumopathies in goats slaughtered at the Nsukka abattoir (IC Ugochukwu, SV Shoyinka, CN Chineme & KF Chah)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Occurrence of mycotoxigenic fungi in poultry feeds at live-bird markets, Zaria, Nigeria (MJ Ibrahim, J Kabir, CN Kwanashie, MT Salawudeen & Z Joshua)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Experimental Ascaris suum infection in Yankasa lambs: Parasitological and pathological observations (I Isah, JO Ajanusi, NP Chiezey, LB Tekdek & B Mohammed)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Evaluation of simplified Folltropin-V® (FSH) protocol on follicular turnover in Yankasa ewes (AB Adewuyi, PI Rekwot, J Rwuaan, MU Kawu, M Lawal, BO Omontese & AA Kuje)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Determination of perimysial and fascicular diameters of triceps brachii, biceps brachii and deltoid muscles in Zebu cattle and one-humped camels (SA Hena, ML Sonfada, SA Shehu & M Jibir)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Assessment of the analgesic potency of constant rate infusion of tramadol hydrochloride and as an adjunct to ketoprofen in laparotomized bitches (N Ugwu, C Eze & R Udegbunam)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Investigation of anatomical landmarks for paravertebral anaesthesia in West African Dwarf goats (Capra hircus) (TO Nev, O Byanet & AT Elsa)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Effect of multiple in-utero insonation on rabbit fetal thyroid hormonal level (SY Idris, HA Audu, ST Fadason, M Lawal, PO Ibinaiye, BN Muazu & R Okafor)        [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

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