Accepted Articles

Anthelmintic efficacy of aqueous extract of Guiera senegalensis on earthworm and Strongyle larvae from goat faeces in Maiduguri (AA Biu, EO Adawaren, TE Onyiche & I Sheriff)


Effects of common salt, vitamin C and taurine on transportation-induced Hsp70 levels in African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (S Abalaka, M Fatihu, N Ibrahim, S Shoyinka, N Sani, O Tenuche, I Idoko, E Tizhe & S Ejeh)


Prevalence and causes of anaemia in dogs at Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria (SM Num-Adom & GO Amali)


Comparison of acute haematological responses of midazolam sedated West African dwarf bucks to lactated ringers and 5% dextrose (FB Bolaji-Alabi & R Olokuntoye)


Behaviour and serum malondialdehyde concentrations in broiler chickens administered lycopene during the hot-dry season (T Ogundeji & JO Ayo)


Comparative effect of soy milk powder and estradiol on serum lipid profile of ovariectomized female Wistar rat (DC Duhu, CA Eze, TO Nnaji, GC Okpe & KC Ogbanya)