2016 Volume 14 Number 3

December 2016 Volume 14 Number 3

Effects of storage temperature and extension media on motility of caprine spermatozoa (SA Olurode & O Ajala) [ABSTRACT][PDF]

Honey, an unexplored topical wound dressing agent in Nigerian veterinary practice (OD Eyarefe & CO Oguntoye) [ABSTRACT][PDF]

Molecular screening and isolation of Newcastle disease virus from live poultry markets and chickens from commercial poultry farms in Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria (TM Hamisu, HM Kazeem, KA Majiyagbe, L Sa'idu, SM Jajere, YM Shettima, TA Baba, OT Olufemi, I Shittu & OA Owolodun) [ABSTRACT][PDF]

Molecular detection of African swine fever virus in apparently healthy domestic pigs in Nasarawa state, Nigeria (SA Ayas, CJ Bot, AR Jambol & PD Luka) [ABSTRACT][PDF]

Management and socio-economic determinants of profitability in dog breeding business in Oyo state, Nigeria (OO Ishola, EJ Awosanya & IS Adeniyi) [ABSTRACT][PDF]

Effects of dexamethasone on leukocytic responses in pregnant Yankasa ewes and Sahel does in Maiduguri, Nigeria (D Yahi, NA Ojo, GD Mshelia, VA Maina & MB Mahre) [ABSTRACT][PDF]

Survey for Newcastle disease viruses in poultry and wild birds in Kogi state, Nigeria (ON Ameji, L Sa'idu & PA Abdu) [ABSTRACT][PDF]

Determination of toxic effects of commercial and local mosquito repellents in Oryctolagus cuniculus (New Zealand white) (AA Sani & AA Ibrahim) [ABSTRACT][PDF]

Effects of menotrophin and chorulon on superovulation in Red Sokoto does (S Sidi, MA Umaru, A Jibril, MD Lawal, S Buhari, A Ahmed, GD Mshelia, AM Ibrahim & MS Yahaya) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Outbreak of aspergillosis in a flock of geese in Zaria, Nigeria (L Sa'idu, MT Ahmad, SJ Sambo, HB Aliyu, IW Musa & AM Wakawa) [ABSTRACT][PDF]

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