2016 Volume 14 Number 2


August 2016 Volume 14 Number 2


Blood tumour necrosis factor-α and the pathogenesis of anaemia in Trypanosoma brucei infected rabbits (OS Omotainse, S Akpavie, OL Ajayi, EB Otesile & SO Omotainse) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Prevalence and pattern of small animal orthopaedic conditions at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Ibadan (OD Eyarefe & SN Oyetayo) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Erythrocyte stability, membrane protective and haematological activities of Newbouldia laevis in alloxan –induced diabetic rats (JA Bosha, AY Adenkola & IU Asuzu) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminth parasites of Clarias gariepinus in Abuja, Nigeria (SM Kawe, RO God'spower, MR Balarabe & RI Akaniru) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


The prevalence, pathogenesis and control of canine and human toxocariosis in Ibadan, Nigeria (EA Okewole) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Effects of xylazine on physiological and biochemical parameters of Sahel bucks exposed to twenty-eight hours road transportation (KT Biobaku, BM Agaie, KI Onifade, IA Odetokun, BS Okediran, SA Ameen, MS Ismaila, M Adam & LO Raji) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


An evaluation of the effect of bone morphogenetic protein-2 in a hydroxyapatite carrier on the rate of cortical restoration of large bone defects using the dog ulna model (EA Uwagie-Ero, CA Awasum, KB Kadima & JB Adeyanju)[ABSTRACT][PDF]


Haematological and serum electrolyte responses in goats undergoing tibial fracture reduction(EA Uwagie-Ero, RI Udegbunam & KB Kadima)[ABSTRACT][PDF]


Novel use of ear sockets as points of traction in partial foetotomy in Bunaji cows (AA Bello, S Danbirni, G Mohammed, JS Rwuaan, AK Mohammed & AKB Sackey) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Bacterial co-infections in a captive Python bivittatus with septicemia (Y Abba, Y Ilyasu, MSM Yusoff & MM Noordin)[ABSTRACT][PDF]


Placenta retention in the cow: Report of three cases (KA Raheem, NVS Uchechukwu, E Odirichukwu & O Onyegbulam) [ABSTRACT][PDF]




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