Kene & Akomas May 2008

Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 7(1):75-77.


A radiologic study on the urinary bladder following dorsal and ventral cystotomy in mongrel dogs


ROC Kene & SC Akomas


Pneumocystography and positive contrast cystography using solutrast® were carried out immediately after surgery and on the second operative day following dorsal and ventral cystotomy in 22 adult mongrel dogs. In all the radiographs, there was no contrast observed in the abdominal cavity and the apex of the bladder had a straight border margin (rather than a curved margin). In both cystotomies, the bladder showed mural defects, which appeared as irregular outline along the bladder suffered. Luminal filling defects were observed in the dorsal cystotomies and in the dorsal cystotomies an obvious indentation was observed on the dorsal surface of the bladder. The absence of contrast in the abdominal cavity suggested that there was no urine leakage from the bladder following the surgery at the second postoperative day. The strait border on the apex was most probably as a result of extra mural pressure produced by the small or large bowel on the bladder. The mural defects observed wee due to the incision wounds while the luminal fillings defects observed would most probably be due to the presence of blood clot and or air in the cavity of the bladder at the time the radiographs obtained. The obvious dorsal indentation observed is most probably due to the inflammatory response of the surgical wound.

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