2002 Volume 4, Number 1.(Suppl)


Review of some diseases transmitted to man through animal bites (U.M. Chafe)

Occupational health hazards associated with bites from laboratory animals: An overview (B.M. Agaie & A.I. Daneji)

Bites and scratches of dogs and cats: A review of causes, consequences and tips for prevention (A.A. Magaji, M.A. Umaru, U.M. Mera & B.R. Alkali)

The pharmacology of venoms: A review (S.O. Bello & B.Y. Muhammad)

Pharmaco-therapeutic management of pain in animal bite: The involvement of opioid and non-opioid mechanisms: A review (B.Y. Muhammad & S.O. Bello)

Some ehnomedical and ethnopharmacological approach in the management of animal bites (S.A. Nwosu, B.Y. Muhamad & S.O. Bello)

The epidemiology and pathology of animal bites: A review (S.A. Malami & A.S. Umar)

Management of wounds produced by bites of animals: A review (A.T. Elsa)

Human rabies associated with bat-bite: An international concern (M.B. Abubakar & A.Y. Abdullahi)

Treatment of snake bites by the traditional methods: Any justification? (R.A. Shehu, L.S. Bilbis & A.Y. Abbas)

Sheep bites: Case reports (S. Buhari, A.B. Ahmad & A.I. Ja’afaru)

Animal bites in pregnancy: Report of 2 cases (K. Tunau & B.A. Ekele)

Oral microflora of some domestic animals as potential pathogens in animal bites (M.A. Umaru, A.A. Magaji, L.M. Gulumbe & H.S. Yahaya)

Known sources of human exposure to rabies: A brief review (J.B. Adeyanju, H. Ahmed, H.S. Garba, U.M. Chafe & A.I. Sadiq)

Investigation of animal bites: Objective basis for the management (J.B. Adeyanju, H.S. Garba, A.T. Elsa, A.I. Daneji & B. Salihu)

Diagnosis of rabies (J.B. Adeyanju, J.U. Umoh, A.Y. Sadiq & B. Salisu)

Essential clinical manifestations of rabies in man and animals: A review (B.R. Alkali, M.A. Umaru & I.A. Abubakar)

Studies of bacterial flora of the oral cavity of some species of biting snake in Sokoto, Nigeria (H.S. Garba, A.U. Junaidu & A.M. Shantali)

Epidemiology of camel bites (A.A. Musa)

Management of camel bites: A Sokoto experience (A.A. Musa)

The place of antisera and toxoids in the management of animal bite injuries (W.Ek Opara & H.S. Garba)

Extravasating animal bite injury in Sokoto (W.Ek Opara)

Observations on the law of rabies control in Nigeria (S.I. Oboegbulem, B.R. Alkali & A.A. Magaji)

Shouldn’t there be compulsory veterinary consultation in the management of animal bites? (S.O. Bello & A.N. Suleiman)

Traditional medicine in the treatment of snake bite (O.P. Ajagbonna & Hajia Rabi Ibrahim)

Dental considerations in animal bite and restrain (H.S. Garba, A.I. Ja’afar & A.Y. Abdullahi)




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