2000 Volume 2, Number 2


Immunological tolerance to dietary antigens: Application to the nutrition of pre-ruminant calves (H.M. Tukur)

Some biometric dimensions of the female reproductive tract of the camel (Camelus dromedarius) in northwestern Nigeria (M.A. Umaru & U.M. Mera)

Weight gain, haematology and blood chemistry of rabbits fed cereal offals (O.J. Uko, A.M. Ataja & H.B. Tanko)

Toxicological effects of the water extract of Agerytum conyzoides in rats (B.M. Agaie, P. Nwatsok & M.L. Sonfada)

Acute toxicity and phytochemical studies of Cassia occidentalis (Linn.) extract in rats (S.A. Muyibi, B.R. Olorede, O.P. Ajagbonna, P.A. Onyeyili, U.A. Osunkwo & B.Y. Muhammad)

A retrospective study of bovine tuberculosis in cattle slaughtered in Sokoto abattoir (M.L. Sonfada & H.S. Garba)

Detection of peste des petits ruminants virus antigen in impression smears by avidin-biotin-peroxidase staining (A.I. Daneji)

Activity of Newcastle disease and Infectious bursal disease viruses in ducks and guinea fowls in Jos, Nigeria. (O.J. Ibu, A. Aba-Adulugba, M.A. Adeleke & A.Y. Tijani)

Preliminary epidemiological survey of trichinosis in giant rats in Sokoto state, Nigeria. (O.O. Faleke, M.O. Olaniyi, O.O. Alaka, M. Ibrahim & A.K. Akinloye)

Fetal anasarca in a Sokoto Red kid (C.E. Obudu, M.A. Umaru & F. Ogunjobi)

Splay leg in one-week-old piglets in Ibadan, Nigeria: A case report (H.A. Kumshe, A.I. Daneji & G.O. Ayoade)




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