1999 Volume 1, Number 1


The saga of artificial insemination (J. Kumi-Diaka) [PDF]

Growth performances of pullet chicks fed graded levels of sheabutter cake (B.R. Olorede & O.C. Longe) [PDF]

Some bacteria isolates from the uterus of slaughtered camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Sokoto, Nigeria (M.A. Umaru, A.I.A. Osuagwuh & C.E. Obudu) [PDF]

Endothelium dependent relaxation of isolated rat aorta to Samorin (isometamedium chloride) (O.P. Ajagbonna & O.A. Sofola) [PDF]

Sex, age distribution and carcass yield of sheep and goats slaughtered at Sokoto abattoir (O.J. Uko, A.M. Ataja, B.M. Arung & B.U. Usman) [PDF]

Haematological and biochemical changes in rats given water extract of Calotropis procera (O.P. Ajagbonna, K.I. Onifade & U. Suleiman) [PDF]

Assessment of serum electrolytes of rabbits infected with Cowdria ruminantium (Jaji stock) (M.O. Alayande & A.I. Lawal) [PDF]

Meat inspection: An overview of present practices and future trends (D.S. Edwards, A.M. Johnston & G.C. Mead) [PDF]

Clinical studies on sciatic nerve neurectomy in chickens (A.T. Elsa & A.A. Ebbo) [PDF]

A case report of schistosomus reflexus in a Maradi goat (A.A. Magaji, M.A. Umar, C.E. Obudu, B.M. Agaie & M.L. Sonfada) [PDF]

Clinical cases of glaucoma in Yankasa sheep (A. T. Elsa, H.S. Garba & A. I. Daneji) [PDF]

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