March 2022 Volume 20 Number 1

Characteristics of fresh and frozen-thawed Uda ram semen ‎extended with Oviplus®, egg yolk and ‎coconut milk (A Abba, UM Bamanga, MM Bukar, VA Maina, AR Mustapha, MA Waziri, JD Amin & AY Ribadu)  [PDF]

Prevalence of parasitic gastrointestinal diseases of poultry diagnosed in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Jos, Nigeria (NO Ameji, OO Oladele, AW Adanu, DO Oshadu, MN Patrobas, GY Gurumyen & MB Biallah)  [PDF]

Detection and identification of gastrointestinal parasites in dogs presented to veterinary clinics in Abeokuta, South-western Nigeria (FA Akande, OM Obisesan, SD Adeniji & DO Adelakun)  [PDF]

Haematology and pathologic changes in broiler chickens associated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from barn swallows around poultry houses (OG Ohore, AJ Jubril & LA Adekunle)  [PDF]

Vaccination indices and concomitant serological status of Newcastle disease in chickens in Aba and Umuahia of Abia State (CJ Okonkwo, F Iwuamadi, M Sanda & AO Igwe)  [PDF]

Comparative biocompatibility studies of Kirschner wire, allogeneic and canine xenogeneic cadaveric bone tissue implants in a rat model (BS Aliyu, AZ Hassan, GE Ochube, BN Umar & ST Muhammad)  [PDF]

Handling practices and contamination of raw milk sold for consumption in markets of Kwara State, Nigeria (I Ghali-Mohammed, IA Odetokun, IA Raufu & VO Adetunji)  [PDF]

Progesterone profile of Red Sokoto does treated with prostaglandin F2-alpha and progesterone sponges for clinical application (AA Bello, AA Voh Jr, D Ogwu & LB Tekdek)  [PDF]

Seroprevalence of avian leukosis virus in local chickens in five live bird markets, Kaduna metropolis, North-western Nigeria (I Bitrus, JD Bakam, YS Wungak, M Bashir, I Shittu & CA Meseko)  [PDF]

Dicephalous in a bunaji calf (PM Ikye-Tor, T Ikye-Tor, RM Korzerzer & MF Per)  [PDF]

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