2019 Volume 17 Number 3

 September 2019 Volume 17 Number 3

 Bioinformatics and in-silico epitope prediction analysis of highly conserved pathogenic Leptospira genes (B Garba & AR Bahaman) [PDF]

Correlation of ultrasonographic renal volume with modified body mass index in Nigerian indigenous dogs (MN Bappah, CA Awasum, ND Chom, M Lawal, UM Bello, AA Bada, SY Idris & GE Ochube) [PDF]

Determination of concentration of some heavy metals in the blood of Holstein-Friesian cattle on a farm in Nasarawa State, Nigeria (MAB Sabuwa, MD Salihu, MK Baba & A Bala) [PDF]

Prevalence of canine parvoviral enteritis in Yola metropolitan region of Adamawa State, Nigeria (MI Francis, JJ Kalang, JW Liba, AB Taluvwa, IM Tillo, C Zakari & RB Abdulrahman) [PDF]

Dog anti-rabies vaccination coverage in Jos South LGA of Plateau State, Nigeria (CI Odita, IS Tekki, DG Moses, JI Barde, KO Egwu, SE Idachaba, JS Ahmed, VI Ifende, O Makanju, DA Ugbe, PN Zhakom, E Nzekwe, N Watsamanda, G Okpala, Y Dashe, C Nwosuh, PA Okewole & D Shamaki) [PDF]

Gastrointestinal parasites of horses (Equus caballus Linnaeus, 1758) and risk factors associated with equine coccidiosis in Kwara and Niger States, Nigeria (SD Ola-Fadunsin, OB Daodu, K Hussain, IA Ganiyu, M Rabiu, IM Sanda, AS Adah, AD Adah & JO Aiyedun) [PDF]

Retrospective analysis of cutaneous abscess in cattle, goats and pigs slaughtered at the Jos abattoir, Nigeria (DM Buba, GY Gurumyen, OA Oragwa, SD Oziegbe, MN Patrobas & HI Dunka) [PDF]

Retrospective study on the prevalence of Babesia species in traumatic cases of dogs presented to Veterinary Teaching Hospital, ABU Zaria, Nigeria from 2008 – 2018 (DO Esonu, RG Otolorin, FM Per & CM Esonu) [PDF]

Waste management and practices in a slaughterhouse in Abeokuta Nigeria: Case study, implications, and alternative methods (OO Adebowale) [PDF]

Management of squamous cell carcinoma on the thigh of a Nigerian Albino horse (UM Garba, A Usman & J Amaje) [PDF]

Outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza subtype H5N8 in two multi-age chicken farms in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria (NO Ameji, OO Oladele, CA Meseko, GD Mshelia & LH Lombin) [PDF]

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