2015 Volume 13, Number 3

December 2015; Volume 13, Number 3


Molecular epidemiology of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia by detection, identification and differentiation of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides in Niger State, Nigeria (NB Alhaji & OO Babalobi)[ABSTRACT][PDF]


Incidence, diagnosis and management of eye affections in dogs (JF Akinrinmade & OI Ogungbenro) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Serological screening for Schmallenberg virus in exotic and indigenous cattle in Nigeria (DO Oluwayelu, CA Meseko & AI Adebiyi) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Observations on placentome diameters in gestating West African dwarf does experimentally infected with Trypanosoma brucei (OO Leigh) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Gastrointestinal parasitism in local and exotic breeds of chickens reared in Gwagwalada Guinea Savannah zone of Nigeria. (OC Jegede, IA Asadu, M Opara, SS Obeta & DO Olayemi)[ABSTRACT][PDF]


Characteristics of commercial poultry and spatial distribution of metabolic and behavioural diseases in Oyo State, Nigeria. (KO Bello, LA Alebiosu, Lala AO, Irekhore OT & Oduguwa OO) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Retrospective analysis of Newcastle disease diagnosed at the poultry clinic of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria (HB Aliyu, L Sa'idu, PA Abdu & SB Oladele) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Detection of bovine viral diarrhea virus antibodies in camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Maiduguri, Nigeria (ID Peter, AD El-Yuguda, GD Mshelia & JS Dawurung) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Sterilization effects on tensile strength of non-conventional suture materials as compared with nylon surgical suture (E Oviawe, JB Adeyanju, T Tanimomo& ROC Kene)[ABSTRACT][PDF]


Multiple spinal curvatures in a captive African dwarf crocodile Osteolaemus tetraspis (Cope, 1861) (A Olatunji-Akioye & P Otuh) [ABSTRACT][PDF]


Life saving tail amputation in an African lioness (Panthera leo L) in captivity (OD Eyarefe, CO Oguntoye, TA Olusa & OA Morenikeji)[ABSTRACT][PDF]


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