2014 Volume 12, Number 1:

Volume 12, Number 1: April, 2014

Cultural and molecular detection of zoonotic tuberculosis and its public health impacts in selected districts of Tigray region, Ethiopia. (SW Zeweld) [Abstract][PDF]

Whole blood coagulation time, haematocrit, haemoglobin and total protein of turkeys reared in Zaria, Nigeria. (SB Oladele & J Samuel) [Abstract] [PDF]

Microbiological studies on genital infections in slaughtered ewes from tropical arid zone of Nigeria.(GD Mshelia, VT Bilal, VA Maina, K Okon, SA Mamza, ID Peter& GO Egwu) [Abstract] [PDF]

Prevalence and antimicrobial profiles of Salmonella serovars from vegetables in Maiduguri, North eastern Nigeria. (IA Raufu, L Zongur, FA Lawan, HS Bello, MS Adamu, JA Ameh & AG Ambali) [Abstract] [PDF]

Prevalence of Besnoitia besnoiti antibodies in bovine sera and milk in Northern Nigeria. (SJ Sambo, NDG Ibrahim, KAN Esievo& HM Kazeem) [Abstract] [PDF]

Relationship between some serum electrolytes and electrocardiographic indices of Trypanosoma brucei infected dogs. (ES Ajibola& JO Oyewale) [Abstract][PDF]

Antibiotic usage pattern in selected poultry farms in Ogun state. (BB Oluwasile, M Agbaje, OE Ojo & MA Dipeolu) [Abstract] [PDF]

Seroprevalence of ruminant brucellosis in three selected local government areas of Taraba state. (A Zubairu, MB Ardo& HM Mai) [Abstract] [PDF]

Survey for trypanosoma species in cattle from three farms in Iddo Local Government Area, Oyo State. (OG Fasanmi, UP Okoroafor, OC Nwufoh, OMBukola-Oladele& ES Ajibola) [Abstract] [PDF]

Gastric diverticulosis and ulcerations in bitches. (EO Abidoye, M Abdurrahman, EG Emmanuel, M Lawal, BD Remi-Adewunmi& AZ Hassan) [Abstract] [PDF]

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