2011 Volume 9, Number 1

Volume 9, Number 1: June, 2011

Influence of Pulmonary lesions on Some Haemotological Parameters of Camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Northwestern Nigeria (MS Abubakar, MY Fatihu, NDG Ibrahim & SB Oladele) [Abstract] [PDF]

Gastrointestinal and haemo parasitism of sheep and goats at slaughter in Kano, northern-Nigeria (ID Jatau, A Abdulganiyu, AI Lawal, OO Okubanjo & KH Yusuf) [Abstract]

Histologic features of harvested canine kidneys preserved in four different crystalloid solutions (CA Awasum, AKB Sackey, AZ Hassan, MB Umar, NDG Ibrahim, AH Rafindadi & EI Amber) [Abstract]

Effects of time of meat purchase on the level of microbial contamination of beef from retail points in Samaru market, Zaria-Nigeria (MK Lawan, A Temala, M Bello & J Adamu) [Abstract]

Effect of graded levels and sources of protein on scrotal circumference and semen profile of Yankasa rams (A Jibril, IU Ate, PI Rekwot & CU Osuhor) [Abstract]

The effect of ruminal incubation of bioactive yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on potential rumen degradability of Panicum maximum and Centrosema pubescens in West African dwarf sheep (LO Aka, NC Ugochukwu, A Ahmed & NN Pilau) [Abstract]

A Survey for Biting Flies in three Local Government Areas of Taraba State, Nigeria (SN Karshima, I Ajogi, G Mohammed & AI Lawal) [Abstract]

Comparison of three techniques used to characterize Newcastle disease virus isolated from chickens treated with aqueous extract of Momordica balsamina (SE Mantip, EA Ogunsan, IS Tekki, J Okpara, W Bertu, M Gyang, PE Emennaa, K Adamu, R Okosi & DO Ehizibolo) [Abstract]

Severe horn-gore injury in a 5-year-old Bunaji bull and a 10-month-old Yankasa ram-lamb: Case reports (II Onoja, WP Mshelia, B Usman, A Andrew, WK Sambo, ST Muhammad, BO Ocheja & DE Awai) [Abstract]

A case of hydrated lime (CaOH)2 toxicity in Clarias gariepinus juveniles (S Muhammad, YA Adamu, MA Umaru, MB Abubakar & UM Chafe) [Abstract]

Bilateral perineal hernia with bladder retroflexion in a 13-year-old intact Jack-Russel Dog: Case report (JB Adeyanju, AS Yakubu, A Jibril, S Buhari & MO Alayande) [Abstract]



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