Muhammad et al 2008

Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 7(1):59-64


Growth performance and economics of sheep production with varying levels of rice milling waste


N Muhammad, SA Maigandi, WA Hassan & AI Daneji


A twelve-week feeding trial was conducted using sixteen (16) growing Uda lambs to determine the growth performance of sheep fed varying levels of rice milling waste. Diets containing graded levels of rice milling waste replacing wheat offal at 15, 30 and 45% inclusion levels were formulated. Diet without rice milling waste served as control. Results showed that incorporating rice milling waste in the diet of growing sheep up to 45% level did not adversely affect (P>0.05) growth performance. Such incorporation led to decrease in the cost of feed /kg live-weight gain. However, animals on 30% rice milling waste diet were better compared to other treatments in terms of dry matter intake, weight gain, and cost of production. For best economic returns, rice milling waste in the diet of the growing sheep should not exceed 30%. Finally, it is recommended that more trials should be carried out with different breeds of sheep in order to ascertain the true feeding value of rice milling waste.

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