Shittu et al May 2008

Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 7(1):53-58

A survey on current milk production and pricing in Sokoto state, Nigeria

A Shittu, AU Junaidu, UM Chafe, AA Magaji, OO Faleke, MD Salihu, A Jibril & MA Mahmud


A questionnaire survey to analyse the current milk production and pricing was conducted among 273 small and large-scale dairy farms in Sokoto State of north-western Nigeria. On breeds of cattle kept, based on farm numbers, it was found that 69.07% kept Sokoto Gudali, 18.32% kept White Fulani and 12.61% kept others. Both the husbandry system and milking method were 100% semi-intensive and hand milking, respectively. Out of the total cow number of 3967 (64.59%), there were 2175 (35.41%) milking cows. Data on milk production showed the average length of lactation as 10.26+1.86months, the average milk yield per day as 23.78+24.03 litres, the average milk yield per lactation as 7815.30+8442.01 litres, and the average calving interval of 11.80+2.67 months. On the milk sell, 266 (97.44%) farms sell milk, whereas only 7(2.56%) did not. Out of these, 57.67% sell milk at home, and 42.33% sell milk at local market. The pattern of milk consumption showed that 39.25% of farms analysed consume 4 litres. 100% of farms could not quantify the amount of milk offered to calves. The products made from milk and data for each included Nono (45.45%), Manshanu (42.36%) and Kindirmo (12.19%). On the responses for production/processing constraints, 68.33% showed no facilities, 25.42% showed no knowledge, 6.25% showed not cultural/traditional, 79.39% showed inadequate feed/water, 7.09% showed inefficient milking methods, 9.12% showed lack of efficient marketing system, 4.05% showed lack of static milk pricing and 0.34% showed power failure.

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