2010 Volume 8, Numbers 1&2

Study on the infectivity of Trypanosoma evansi isolate in Savannah Brown bucks (SA Shehu, NDG Ibrahim, KAN Esievo & G Mohammed) [Abstract] [PDF]

Efficacies of diminazene aceturate and isometamidium chloride In Trypanosoma evansi experimentally infected rats (ID Jatau, AI Lawal, RIS Agbede & EM Abdurrahman) [Abstract] [PDF]

Retrospective studies on the prevalence of Fowl Cholera in Zaria-Kaduna state Nigeria (MA Raji, JS Ahmed, L Saidu & JA Ameh) [Abstract] [PDF]

Tuberculosis transmission amongst Pastoralists in Kaduna state, Nigeria (II Onoja , AB Ogunkoya , C Kudi , JU Okpapi& SIB Cadmus) [Abstract] [PDF]

Survey for bovine trichomoniasis in cattle at slaughter in the Sokoto metropolitan abattoir Sokoto state Nigeria (AA Adeyeye, IU Ate, JOO Bale & AI Lawal) [Abstract] [PDF]

Incidence of trypanosomes among White Fulani and Sokoto Gudali breeds of cattle in Niger state, Nigeria (JY Adama, A Usman, R Maigida & RA Adeyemi) [Abstract] [PDF]

The effects of dietary supplementation of Allium sativum on some vital biochemical parameters in male Albino rats (LO Aka,NN Pilau & RI Obidike) [Abstract] [PDF]

The effects of garlic (Allium sativum) on taste responses and relative organ weight in rats (LO Aka & NN Pilau) [Abstract] [PDF]

The level of awareness of Human African Trypanosomosis (HAT) in Taraba state, Nigeria (SN Karshima, I Ajogi, G Mohammed & AI Lawal) [Abstract] [PDF]

The response of serum manganese in Trypanosoma congolense infection in Yankasa sheep (JS Neils, AK Sackey, US Abdullahi & KAN Esievo) [Abstract] [PDF]

Prevalence of bacterial pathogens and serotyping of E. coli isolates from diarrhoeic lambs in Sokoto state, Nigeria (A Ahmed, GO Egwu, HS Garba & AA Magaji) [Abstract] [PDF]

A retrospective study of parasitic diseases of dogs and cats in Jalingo, North-Eastern Nigeria between 1998 and 2008 (SN Karshima, EV Tizhe & DP Bukar) [Abstract] [PDF]

The threat of salmonellosis to commercial poultry production in Adamawa state, Nigeria (A Garba, BM Bolajoko, IJ Barde, A Ahmed, I Sa’adatu, I Agang, AS Abdullahi, HA Bakari, UA Turaki, A Abdurrahman, & JN Goji) [Abstract] [PDF]

Obstructive urolithiasis in a Ram: A post mortem report (AI Ibrahim & MS Abubakar) [Abstract] [PDF]

A case of eperythrozoonosis in Royal python (Python requis) in zoological garden in Ibadan, Nigeria (AO Sonibare, HA Kumshe, JOAdejinmi, ATP Ajuwape, OA Adedokun, RAM Adedokun, GO Ayoade & GB Akinboye) [Abstract] [PDF]

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