2001 Volume 3, Number 1


Antimicrobial drug resistance phenomenon: A review (A.A. Adedapo)

Body weight, withers height, scrotal circumference, penis size and sperm reserves of Balami rams (H.D. Kwari & M.A. Waziri)

Effect of Amaranthus spinosus (Linn.) leaf extract on plasma lipid levels in rats (O.A. Akinloye & B.R. Olorede)

Prevalence of salmonellae in dogs in Nsukka, south east Nigeria (K.F. Chah & S.I. Oboegbulem)

A survey of blood parasites of domestic animals at Zango abattoir, Tudun Wada, Kaduna (P.A. Audu & O.M. Abifarin)

Seroprevalence of brucella antibodies in cattle herds and human beings in some parts of Adamawa State of Nigeria (N.N. Atsanda & S.A. Agbede)

Preliminary studies on the effects of Datura metel seed extract on amylobarbitone anaesthesia in rabbits (A.T. Elsa, W.G. Ayika, I. Rabi, U.A. Osunkwo & P.A. Onyeyili)

The effects of scrotal insulation on the testicles and spermatozoa characteristics of West African dwarf goats (O.O. Ajala, M.O. Oyeyemi, M.O. Akusu & H.E. Eimunjeze)

Urban cattle production: Stock ownership, herd structure and grazing management in Sokoto (W.A. Hassan & Y. Na-Allah)

Statistical comparison of biogas production from selected domestic animal dungs (A.A. Zuru, U.A. Birnin-Yauri, A.T. Atiku & A. D Tambuwal)

Time for change? The present state of veterinary services in north-western Nigeria and options for the future (K.M. Baba)

Observation on the activity of Newcastle disease virus in guinea-fowls in Jos area of Plateau State (J.O. Ibu, E. Aba-Adulugba, M. Adeleke & A. Yelwa)




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