June 2022 Volume 20 Number 2

Radiomorphometric studies of the thorax in Nigerian indigenous dog: Novel thoracic measurements (RO Ukaha, ROC Kene & KK Agwu) [PDF]

Impact of heat stress on follicular size, oestradiol concentration and oestrus expression in Nigerian Zebu cows (W Ndumari, PM Dawuda, IU Ate & PI Rekwot) [PDF]

Evaluation of tracheal size in the Nigerian indigenous dog by radiologic morphometry (RO Ukaha, KK Agwu & ROC Kene) [PDF]

Mitigating effects of methanolic leave extract of Duranta erecta against x-rays irradiation-induced oxidative stress in Wistar albino rats (CA Eze, KC Ogbanya & KO Obiakor) [PDF]

Proximate and mineral composition of Japanese quail egg and its possible role in bone healing (EI Oviawe, ST Fadason, M Lawal & MH Suleiman) [PDF]

Seroprevalence of Newcastle disease virus antibodies in village chickens in the three senatorial zones of Plateau State, Nigeria (AG Balami, YS Wungak, SI Bata & S Gang) [PDF]

Prevalence of Cryptosporidium infection in cattle from selected commercial farms and nomadic settlements in Yola, Adamawa State (JM Shallangwa, BV Maikai, OO Okubanjo, EV Tizhe & MI Francis) [PDF]

Sociodemographic predictors associated with COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among veterinary professionals in Nigeria (OO Adebowale, OT Adenubi, HK Adesokan, AA Oloye, NO Bankole, OE Fadipe, PO Ayo-Ajayi & OA Akinloye) [PDF]

Preliminary study on the prevalence of Varroa sp. in honeybee colonies in the village of Mondon (Burkina Faso) (BA Kabore, M Yougbare, LD Dahourou, KM Dera, SE Sawadogo, A Traore & AMG Belem) [PDF]

 Manual removal of irregular-shaped foreign body lodged in the pharyngolaryngeal area in 4-months-old puppy (JJ Kalang & HI Dunka) [PDF]

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