December 2020 Volume 18 Number 4


Clinical and gross-pathological changes in Muscovy ducks and Nigerian local chickens infected with Newcastle disease virus (XIVb strain) (SG Usman, SB Oladele, L Saidu, MS Muhammed, FS Umar, A Abubakar, A Saleh & O Orakpoghenor) [PDF]

Brucella infection in migratory cattle herds in Jigawa State Nigeria: A cross sectional study (FU Mohammed, S Ibrahim, GA Musa, BY Kaltungo, S Danbirni & JK Kwaga) [PDF]

Endoparasites of fresh water fishes from rivers in Edo State, Nigeria (EC Osimen & LI Anagha) [PDF]

The dynamics of anticoccidial drug usage in poultry within Umuahia, Abia state, Nigeria (CJ Okonkwo & EC Uwalaka) [PDF]

In vitro and in vivo changes observed in Trypanosoma brucei brucei-infected rats treated with artesunate and/or diminazene aceturate (KO Jolayemi, M Mamman, D Sani, MO Okoronkwo & J Amaje) [PDF]

Sero-prevalence and serotypes of infectious bronchitis virus in free-range chicken in Plateau state, Nigeria (S Ijoma, I Shittu, C Chinyere, KA Olawuyi, DA Gado, IO Nwagbo, CA Meseko & TM Joannis) [PDF]

Occurrence and molecular detection of avian coronavirus in selected live bird markets, northwestern, Nigeria (I Bitris, I Shittu, CA Meseko & TM Joannis) [PDF]

Clinicopathological features and management of aspergillosis in some poultry farms in Jos metropolis, Nigeria (NO Ameji, OO Oladele, PH Bamaiyi & LH Lombin) [PDF]

Diagnosis and surgical management of acanthomatous ameloblastoma in a 5-month-old female Boerboel puppy (IO Oyenekan, MO Ilugbo, OO Adebayo, AA Adebiyi, SA Koleosho, OL Ajayi & RA Ajadi) [PDF] 

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