2019 Volume 17 Number 1

March 2019 Volume 17 Number 1

Ethnobotanical assessment of plants used to aid parturition in Abuja, Nigeria (OP Ajagbonna, LA Adeniran & RI Lawal)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Antimicrobial activity of the aqueous and methanolic extracts of Sesamum radiatum (Schum and Thonn) (AO Akanmu, ST Balogun, AD Tuksa, OA Sodipo & IA Gulani)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Effects of sub-anaesthetic (low) dose ketamine infusion on intra-operative and postoperative pain in goats anaesthetized with diazepam-ketamine prior to rumenotomy (RI Udegbunam, AU Ugwu, AC Onuba, NH Okereke & SO Udegbunam)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Microbial hazards associated with pig carcasses and molecular detection of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus at different stages of the slaughter process (AA Adikwu, EC Okolocha, II Luga & EO Ngbede)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Assessment of mating profile of male Wistar rats administered single and pooled extracts of Phoenix dactylifera and Cocos nucifera (BE Atoigwe-Ogeyemhe, PU Achukwu & EB Odigie)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

A retrospective study of viral skin diseases of cattle, sheep and goats in Plateau State, Nigeria (VI Ifende, NA Maurice, Y Abbas, C Agu, MB Bolajoko, A Jambol, JA Adole, O Asala, YS Wungak, A Maguda, E Umeh & AJ Adedeji)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

A retrospective study of dog bite cases reported to some hospitals in Plateau State, Nigeria (L Konzing, JKP Kwaga, GSN Kia & HM Kazeem)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Occurrence and antibiogram of Staphylococcus aureus and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from table eggs in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria (GN Anosa, EV Ezenduka, KC Gabriel, A Ngene & UU Eze)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Effect of cysteine protease inhibitor (E64) on haematological changes of New Zealand rabbits experimentally infected with Trypanosoma brucei brucei (SA Malgwi, AW Mbaya, AA Biu & MK Zango)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Evaluation of diazepam-ketamine combination for immobilization of African land tortoise (Testudo graeca) (VE Adetunji, J Ogunsola & OK Adeyemo)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Assessment of risk factors responsible for canine rabies in Oyo State, Nigeria (MB Bolajoko, I Faramade, Y Ibrahim & N Watsamanda)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Assessment of electrocardiographic parameters of Red Sokoto goats (B Saidu, FBO Mojiminiyi, CBI Alawa & C Onwuchekwa)   [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Corneal dermoid in a 3-month old Sokoto gudali cross calf (MD Salisu)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

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