2018 Volume 16 Number 4

December 2018 Volume 16 Number 4

 A review of the factors that influence erythrocyte osmotic fragility (NA Igbokwe)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Farm system distribution of gastrointestinal and haemoparasites of pigs within Makurdi metropolis (JW Jatfa, LR Magudu, AY Adenkola, PO Oke & CM Orgem)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Seroprevalence of Mycobacterium bovis in cattle and wildlife in Yankari game reserve, Bauchi State, Nigeria (AJ Makeri, AG Balami, HK Madu, EG Haruna, M Bello & CA Kudi)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Haemagglutination inhibition antibody responses of pullet and broiler chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) to Newcastle disease virus LaSota vaccination (AO Igwe & Agbakwuru IO)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Occurrence and factors associated with faecal shedding of Cryptosporidium oocysts in small ruminants in Potiskum local government area, Yobe State, Nigeria (MS Abare, BV Maikai & OO Okubanjo)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Enumeration of coliforms in fermented milk product (nono) sold in Samaru, Kaduna State, Nigeria (BV Maikai & PD Madaki)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Antibacterial activities of leaf extracts of Brassica oleracae var. capitata. (Brassicaceae) against multi-drug resistant clinical isolates in Maiduguri (AO Akanmu, ST Balogun, F Haruna & S Gamache)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Age-sex dimorphisms in the estimation of median lethal dose (LD50) of lead diacetate in rabbits using up-and-down procedure (Arithmetic method) (VM Ahur, SM Anika & PA Onyeyili)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Haematological and biochemical parameters of clinically dehydrated and euhydrated dogs (JA Atata, KAN Esievo, S Adamu, H Abdulsalam, M Adam, MA Chiroma & DO Avazi)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Elemental analysis and antimicrobial assay of aqueous leaf extract of Celtis integrifolia Lam. (KO Abah, MB Mahre & PP Mshelbwala)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Challenges and distribution of radiographic diagnosis in dogs at a tertiary veterinary institution (A Olatunji-Akioye, O Omotosho & F Bolaji-Alabi)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Jejunal linear foreign body obstruction in a three year old female Boerboel (OA Makinde, OO Adebayo, AA Adeniyi & RA Ajadi)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Human death from suspected rabid dog bite in Zamfara State, Nigeria (I Ahmad, CA Kudi, M Abbas, Y Yakubu, U Muhammad & MD Salisu)  [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

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