Ehimiyein et al. 2018

Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Volume 16 (Number 3). September, 2018



Prevalence of gastrointestinal and haemo-parasites in hunting dogs in Zaria, Nigeria

AM Ehimiyein*, DD Maishanu & IO Ehimiyein


Department of Veterinary Medicine, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria




The study investigated the prevalence of haemo- and gastrointestinal (GI) parasites among hunting dogs. Blood and faecal samples for analyses were collected from 61 dogs comprising males (n=39) and females (n=22), grouped into 3 based on age; <1-year-old, 1-3 year-old, and >3-year-old, using Giemsa stained thin blood smear and simple flotation methods. Mean PCV of the dogs was 36.28 ± 1.19%; dogs infected with haemoparasites and GI parasites, 34.47 ± 1.58%; and non-infected dogs, 38.28 ± 1.76 %, respectively. Prevalence of dogs with mixed haemo- and GI parasitism was 3.28%, and haemoparasites was 19.67%. Babesia canis (16.3%) Ehrlichia canis (1.64%), Dirofilaria immitis (1.64%) and mixed infections (1.64%) were identified. Dogs aged 1-3-year-old had a highest prevalence of 30%; <1-year-old, 19.5%; and >3-year-old, 10%. Male (23.08%) dogs had higher haemoparasite than females (13.64%) and Nigerian indigenous breeds (22.92%) than the cross-breed (7.69%). Nineteen dogs were infected with GI parasites, with prevalence of 31.5%. GI parasites identified were Taenia spp (19.67%), Toxocara canis (8.20%), Isospora spp (1.64%), Dipylidium caninum (1.64%), Ancyclostoma caninum (1.64%) and mixed infection (1.64%). Prevalence of GI helminthes in females (40.91%), and cross-breed (46.15%) dogs was higher than in males (25.64%) and Nigerian indigenous breeds (27.08%). Dogs > 3 years old had the highest prevalence (60%) of GI parasite, <1-year-old (26.83%) and 1-3-year-old (20%). There were no significant (P > 0.05) associations based on age, sex and breed, the prevalence of haemo- and GI parasites among the hunting dogs. In conclusion, Babesia canis, dogs aged 1-3-year-old, males and Nigerian indigenous dogs showed the highest haemoparasite prevalence, while Taenia spp., dogs that were > 3-year-old, females and cross-breeds had the highest prevalence of GI parasites.


Keywords: Babesia canis, Hunting dogs, Parasites,  Taenia spp, Zaria


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