Atuman et al. 2018

Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Volume 16 (Number 2). June, 2018


Seroprevalence of bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis in Agropastoralist livestock herds and wildlife in Yankari game reserve: Public health implications

JY Atuman1, S Ibrahim2*, AI Abubakar3 & CA Kudi2


1.                  National Veterinary Research Institute zonal office Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria

2.                  Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria

3.                  Nigeria Police Force, K9 Section, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria




In Yankari Game Reserve of Bauchi State, Nigeria, wildlife, livestock, people and particularly communities surrounding them are competing for spaces and available resources .This study was therefore designed to determine the seroprevalence of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) and brucellosis which are zoonotic. Serum samples were collected from 300 cattle located at the fringes of the game parks and also from 47 zebra, 12 waterbuck, 12 wildebeest, 24 eland, 1 kudu and 1 hartebeest during the study. The samples were tested for the presence of immunoglobulin antibodies against Mycobacterium bovis, Brucella abortus and B. melitensis using immunochromatography rapid test kits (Bionote Incorporated, South Korea).The percentage of positive bTB reactors were 30(10%) in cattle 5(10.6%) zebra, 1(8.3%) waterbuck, 4(33.3%) wildebeest and 3(12.5%) Eland. The sex distribution of bTB among cattle showed that of the 104 males sampled 12(11.5%) were positive and of the 196 females sampled 18(9.2%) were positive. The sex distribution of bTB among the diversity of wildlife species sampled indicated higher prevalence in female zebra 18.8%, waterbuck 14.3% and eland 16.7% compared to male zebra 6.5%, waterbuck 0%, and eland 8.3%. Positive reactors to B. abortus were seen in cattle 27(9%), hartebeest 1(100%), eland 4(16.7%), waterbuck 3(25%) and eland 4(16.7%). Sex distribution of B. abortus and B. melitensis among cattle showed that of the 104 males sampled, 10(9.6%) cattle were positive for B. abortus and the 196 females sampled 17(8.7%) were positive for B. abortus. The high prevalence of B. abortus in male Eland (25%) and waterbuck (40%) portends danger to the herds. The presence of antibodies of bTB and B.abortus in both cattle and wildlife species and B. melitensis in wildlife species showed that the diseases are likely to pose significant threat to public health. There is the need for enlightenment of the herders and communities of the dangers of these important diseases.


Keywords: Bauchi state, Bovine, Brucellosis, Cattle, Tuberculosis, Wildlife



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