2017 Volume 15 Number 3

  December 2017 Volume 15 Number 3


The challenges and limitations of magnetic resonance imaging technique in veterinary curriculum and clinical practice in Nigeria (EA Uwagie-Ero & CA Awasum)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Testicular morphometry and sperm reserves of local turkey toms fed varying levels of protein in the diet (MS Yahaya, AI Nwannenna, ST Fadason & PI Rekwot)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

A retrospective evaluation of parasitic conditions and their associated risk factors in sheep and goats in Osun state, Nigeria (SD Ola-Fadunsin & EB Ibitoye)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Effects of ethanol extract of Tridax procumbens on spermiogram and reproductive hormones in Wistar rats (OG Akintunde, AA Oloye, AS Adetomiwa, WO Subuloye & CO Olaiya)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Assessment of biosecurity measures against Newcastle disease in commercial poultry farms in Benue state, Nigeria (HO Abah, PA Abdu & A Assam)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Experimental reproduction of rotavirus and Salmonella pullorum gastroenteritis in broiler chicks (OO Oni, OA Ademola, CA Adeyefa, OL Ajayi, AO Sonibare & OE Ojo)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Multiple antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli and Salmonella species isolated from broilers and local chickens retailed along the roadside in Zaria, Nigeria (FE Ejeh, FA Lawan, H Abdulsalam, PH Mamman & CN Kwanashie)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Assessment of veterinary drug retail outlets in two rural areas of Kwara state, north-central Nigeria (N Elelu)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Detection of avian influenza antibodies and antigens in poultry and some wild birds in Kogi state, Nigeria (NO Ameji, L Sa'idu & PA Abdu)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Assessment of cardiotoxic potential of methanol extract of red cultivar Allium cepa (JA Oyewusi, OA Oridupa, AB Saba, O Oni, IK Oyewusi & MF Mshelbwala)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

In vivo antitrypanosomal effects of stem-bark extracts of Securidaca longipedunculata in rats experimentally infected with Trypanosoma brucei brucei (AM Tauheed, MM Suleiman, M Mamman & AI Lawal)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Haemogram and hormonal profile of WAD buck treated with leaf ethanolic extract of Spondias mombin (AA Oloye, OE Ola-Davies & MO Oyeyemi)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection in slaughtered pigs in Makurdi, Nigeria (IN Obijiaku, N Ornguga & AA Adikwu)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Pathological changes associated with an outbreak of colibacillosis in a commercial broiler flock (SE Abalaka, NA Sani, IS Idoko, OZ Tenuche, FO Oyelowo, SA Ejeh & SI Enem)      [ABSTRACT] [PDF]





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