2015 Volume 13, Number 1

April 2015; Volume 13, Number 1

Clinico-pathological effects of single oral dose of cypermethrin in guinea pigs (AO Omonona, TA Jarikre & AT Adetuga) [Abstract][PDF]

Radiographic studies on morphological anomalies in artificially spawned Heterobranchus longifilis Valenciennes, 1840 F1 generation (B Suleiman, L Maruff & SJ Oniye) [Abstract][PDF]

Assessment of heavy metals in chicken feeds available in Sokoto, Nigeria (N Suleiman, EB Ibitoye, AA Jimoh & ZA Sani) [Abstract][PDF]

Evaluation of microbial contents of table eggs at retail outlets in Sokoto metropolis, Nigeria (MD Salihu, B Garba & Y Isah) [Abstract][PDF]

Factors affecting workers’ delivery of good hygienic and sanitary operations in slaughterhouses in north-central Nigeria (NB Alhaji & M Baiwa) [Abstract][PDF]

Evaluation of poultry processing practices, related public health laws and diseases of chickens at slaughter: A pilot study in Kaduna state (OG Oladiran & J Kabir) [Abstract][PDF]

Effect of intranasal recombinant Mannheimia haemolytica vaccination on some haematological indices of goats infected with peste des petits ruminants virus (OZ Tenuche & BO Emikpe) [Abstract][PDF]

Prolonged whelping in bitches (OO Ajala, OS Ajani, OO Leigh, CE Obudu, JF Akirinmade, MJ Olusoji & OA Ekanade) [Abstract][PDF]

Severe gastric impaction in an 8-Year-old Nigerian local dog (CP Mshelia, JB Adeyanju, AA Abubakar, AS Yakubu, A Jibril, MY Kolo, S Garba, MS Jibrin & AG Balami) [Abstract][PDF]


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