2022 Volume 20 (Special Postgraduate Issue)

Anti-diarrhoeal effects of Garciniakola (Heckel-Holl) seed methanolic extract and its fractions in animal models (MO Okoronkwo, MM Suleiman, N Chiezey, CC Udechukwu, JS Oyetunde & KO Jolayemi) [PDF]

Effects of Allium sativum and Allium cepa on semen characteristics, sperm reserves and haematology of rabbit bucks (SD Olojo, PI Rekwot, RY Olobatoke, SF Uchenna & KO Jolayemi) [PDF]

Prenatal skull radiography and calvaria histogenesis in Uda and Yankasa breeds of sheep (SM Atabo, AA Umar, SA Shehu, AA Abubakar, A Danmaigoro & TA Muazu) [PDF]

In vitro anticoccidial activity of ethanolic leaf extract of Citrus aurantium L. against Eimeria tenella oocysts (AN Ishaq, D Sani, SA Abdullahi & ID Jatau) [PDF]

Fractional extracts of Azadirachta indica leaf affect spermiogram, testosterone profile, and testis histology of rabbit bucks (MS Umar, EK Bawa, D Ogwu, B Hassan, B Habib & TA Ige) [PDF]

Morphological evaluation of the orbit and peri-ocular glands of the African grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus) (IK Peter-Ajuzie & IC Nwaogu) [PDF]

Pycnogenol improves kinematic parameters of donkeys (Equus asinus) subjected to packing during the dry season (FH Olaifa, JO Ayo, T Aluwong & PI Rekwot) [PDF]

Carcass-waste yields and nutritional composition of strains of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) as index traits for selective breeding (UA Mikaheel, JK Ipinjolu, LA Argungu, WA Hassan, I Magawata & MY Abubakar) [PDF]

Anti-oxidative influence of butylated hydroxytoluene on chilled semen of Red Sokoto bucks and consequential conception rates in does (TK Bello, PI Rekwot, JO Ayo, AM Khumran & BB Oyelowo) [PDF]

Evaluation of the sleep modulating effects of methanol extract fruits of Strychnos spinosa and Strychnos innocua in mice (MA Sani, F Khan, D Sani, MM Sulaiman, EO Nwasor & AZ Hassan) [PDF]

Effects of sodium selenite on sub-acute paraquat-induced toxicity in male rats (SY Idris, HA Kakkaba, SJ Enam, LA Adekunle, I Abdullahi & S Adamu) [PDF]

Effects of Cellgevity® on the milt quality of catfish, Clarias gariepinus extended in sodium citrate during chilled storage (JS Bugau, SZ Lanko, D Ogwu, PI Rekwot, M Shinkut & JI Itodo) [PDF]

Impact of management systems on selenium and zinc levels, heterophil: Lymphocyte ratio as biomarkers of immunity in chickens (LA Adekunle, SY Idris, AE Sijuwola, AJ Jubril & VO Taiwo) [PDF]

Clinical and radiographic evaluations of healing femoral fractures managed with conventional and novel allo-cadaveric bone plates in dogs (BS Aliyu, AZ Hassan, GE Ochube, BN Umar, M Lawal & AS Ibrahim) [PDF]

Comparative analysis of phytoconstituents in commonly used vegetables in gas flaring and non-gas flaring communities in southeastern Nigeria (MK Ijomanta, AO Anaga & IU Asuzu) [PDF]

Haematology and serum biochemistry of dogs naturally infected with canine parvovirus-2(KI Ogbu, CI Chukwudi, MT Tion, UU Eze, IC Nwosuh & BM Anene) [PDF]

Assessment of healthcare waste management practices among healthcare workers at two hospitals in Abuja, Nigeria (MK Aworh, JKP Kwaga & EC Okolocha) [PDF]

Prevalence of hydatid cyst in camels slaughtered at Katsina metropolitan abattoir, Katsina State, Nigeria (AM Ahmadu, MA Saulawa, AA Magaji, AI Musawa, K Ibrahim & KH Ahmad) [PDF]

Bioaccumulation and depuration of zinc in the tissues of Heterobranchus longifilis exposed to zinc oxide nano-particles (SI Abdulkareem & OD Owolabi) [PDF]

Comparison of haematological changes associated with coccidiosis in commercial layer chickens at different production stages in Zaria, Nigeria (FS Umar, SG Usman, MS Muhammed, SJ Enam, M Babashani & S Adamu) [PDF]

Changes in the adrenal gland and cortisol secretions in experimental acute Trypanosoma brucei brucei infection in Sahel bucks (EL Nyillah, NDG Ibrahim & B Mohammed) [PDF]